I’m back here again! With my current obsession.

Posted on: 11/10/2011

It feels as if it’s been a long time (and it has!) since I’ve last written a word here and I feel it is time to indulge myself in a little bit of writing – one I’ve been depriving myself of due to a new-found love. Explanation (which I think I owe more than anything to anybody who reads this dry and crumbly place I call a blog) below:

I admit that I am sometimes prone to lazyness, and am afraid it has taken over me after I bought my iPad. Yes, I have become “one of those people” who own an iPad. If it’s any consolation, carrying it around while I’m outdoors is a no-no for me. Like most people, I carry it to bed with me every night. Which leads to my current obsession.

Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods!

Recommendations from friends made me source for it on YouTube (and a lack of television at home – I know, how can anybody live without one GASP) led me to utilise my iPad in bed while watching Andrew Zimmern stuff horrific things down his throat. I’m totally obsessed with where he goes and what he does. From rubbing guinea pigs on his body to eating potatoes that were previously crushed with his feet – how is that not entertaining?!


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