Been away, but now, I’m back – with a lot of words.

Posted on: 06/02/2012

Having been away for so long, I’m back and I can’t promise that this will remain short, but I will certainly try!

Let’s go back to way before Christmas. When Christmas is around the corner, a headache ensues on what to buy for others. I’ve always been one to be prepared to buy gifts that the person will like or appreciate so buying ahead of time is important to me. With that said, we only buy things for people we know. But what about strangers who need our help? Do you spare a thought for them during the season of giving?

My friends and I encountered this dude on one of Sydney’s street malls, and I have to say, what he does is extraordinary and creative. I’ve attached a video below for your viewing pleasure:

This is the first I’ve seen of a person who has such deepset interest in such an art. How can one not feel the need to give him just $10 for such hard work? I believe that hard work pays off, and I want to not only give gifts to my friends, but commit a random act of kindness.

Yes, even purchasing something! Goes in line with what I was out to do anyway – shop and buy presents! The only difference is there is no present for anyone but myself and to give myself a warm fuzzy feeling inside for contributing to amazing art 🙂

See below for what I bought – perfect for Christmas!

How does this:

Become this?

Here’s how; see this cut side?

Place it on your hand like so:

Use your pointer finger and push the opposite un-cut side:


That’s it! Hope you enjoyed that, and I’ll write again soon. Here’s his website if you’re interested to see more awesome stuff – click here . This can be made into furniture too… GO TAKE A LOOK!

‘Til then, take care and don’t rest on your laurels!


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