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I am 24 years old, a Communications graduate currently residing in Sydney Australia, and I have many interests that range from books to cheerleading. I like to learn new things, especially if they interest me of course.

This blog/website is about my interests, hobbies or an amazing find about anything and everything that is open and available to me in this little Australian city.

I was a cheerleader for about 8 years before moving to Australia to further my studies. I don’t cheerlead anymore but I still love the sport tremendously. I am currently working in a media specialist company as an account co-ordinator.

I used to be very shy but after performing in crowds of people, I am now not as shy, and am more outgoing than ever.

Things I would love to try would be sky diving and bungee jumping. This means I’m one to seek for adventures, especially the ones where faint heartedness takes no place in. If that isn’t enough… well… you just have to read on!


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