As the world now knows, 1,400 Malaysians have been arrested.

Arrested for having a voice (and balls/guts might I add) to participate in a rally held in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 9th of July 2011, advocating for clean and fair elections. Bersih means clean in Bahasa Malaysia which is also the name of the whole campaign.

If Malaysia is a democratic country, why is it that people can’t protest peacefully? For further emphasis, please see the videos below with further explanation:

This one features the Information Minister, telling us that “we are allowing protest… but the protesters didn’t want to disperse… police compromised… police succeeded in handling them gently.. THIS PROTEST IS ILLEGAL”. What the %&#* is he trying to get across by saying it’s legal, THEN illegal?!

What more, telling the journalist interviewing him that they are wrongfully reporting what was really going on and that the people in the video she was watching were “all actors”. Does a melee of hundreds of people; running around to avoid being sprayed by CHEMICAL WATER, look like actors to you? I’m sure the footage was Al-Jazeera’s!

Who paid them to be there voluntarily and have chemicals sprayed on them?

To add insult to injury; that is no doubt already fizzing from salt, the interviewer said that ” our correspondence officer came back to the office, sir, with chemicals in his eyes”.


I am truly disgusted. If anyone who’s not Malaysian heard him say the word “bayar”, it just means pay. How did he get the position of Information Minister when he can’t think of an easy three-letter-word in English (the second language we learn in school year in year out too!)?

And by saying that the protest is illegal (at the end of the video) because there’s elections every five years?!

What a numbskull – PEOPLE ARE PROTESTING BECAUSE THEY WANT CLEAN AND FAIR ELECTIONS!!! Which part of the briefing did he space out on? All of it I reckon.

Oh, and not to mention the many accounts of spraying chemical water into hospital compounds and using force to subdue people…? All denounced when the Prime Minister said the below:

Really? Was there no actual force used?! What about this?

Will you allow someone who would lie internationally, lead YOUR country? What does that say about him, or you for that matter?

I believe that by settling problems/issues with violence is a sure sign of weakness. By contradicting yourself is another sure sign that you’re afraid, uninformed, and have no grounds to represent the people  much less the country. There is no cause to stop people from protesting as the protest was done peacefully.

The only reason why there were casualties was because the FRU (riot squad) and police started throwing teargas and chemical water at people.

I went as far as to un-friend someone on facebook who commented that “after all the casualties, it was still pointless”. I bet you he wasn’t there. I’m not saying I was there, but I just plain don’t like people who rattle away about issues that their miniscule, mentally-incapacitated minds can never in a million years comprehend. Why should I associate myself with someone like that?

I know – opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. But no; not when I can help it, I shouldn’t have to listen/read someone’s dumb opinion.

If you can’t prove something, then keep it to yourself. Who’s to say what’s pointless when you obviously don’t share the same ideas that the greater good does? 


I love eggs. I love century eggs. Especially when you eat them with pickled ginger! Yum!



Between the free range eggs and the free RANGER (century) eggs, I didn’t know what else could go wrong. Really, why don’t people put in more effort to spell things right?

Although it was a long time ago (well it felt like a long time ago), I’m finally blogging about Brisbane!

I’ll let the photos do the talking – introducing Brisbane, the city of bridges!

I admit the last picture is a badly taken  one. We were on the ferry heading towards the city which was really nice. The sights were amazing!

Brisbane is a very very structured city. It is so structured, they have this:

Not that  other cities don’t have it, but I found it simply astounding simply because it was by the water. Yes, I am easily amazed. >.<

Now, what is an Australian city without street malls?

EVERYTHING is on this street mall; with there being an expensive side (Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc.) on one end, and the more affordable side on the other end. This beats having to walk all over the city when one wants to shop for both affordable and expensive things.

In Perth, the luxury goods store are in a completely different area than the street malls. In Sydney, shops are all over the place.

This is why Brisbane is so, so structured. I think the bad side to that is the exploring you don’t get to do. In my honest opinion, I find that looking for something while walking around and getting (mildly – if that’s even possible) lost is the best way to explore and see things. Note that this can be done only by foot. No buses, no tour buses.

Now, speaking of exploring, we headed to South Bank to get some ice cream later that night!

This is South Bank at night:

Didn’t I say we were going to get ice cream…?

Needless to say, it was good!

Brisbane CBD from South Bank. Honestly, any picture of a brightly lit city taken at night is always breathtaking in my opinion.

By the river, looking down. I was informed that there are approximately 500 bull sharks in the river. Swim at your own risk! Also, the river is the lifeline of Brisbane! Brisbane-ites celebrate this river here (in South Bank) every year during the Riverfire Festival.

Now, the man made beach…

…destroyed during the floods.

They are fixing it up though, so hopefully it’ll be restored back to its original condition the next time I plan a holiday to Brisbane!

Brisbane’s casino which had a very small floor.

Not a very well-taken picture and no picture-taking in the casino (I think – didn’t want to be hauled off and chucked out for taking pictures!). Like I said, it was small because there weren’t many gambling tables… Maybe because Gold Coast has a casino, and was a 45 minute drive away? It’s a major holiday destination as well…! Which was what we did the very next day!

Introducing my tour guide (SChan and I) on the train to Gold Coast the very next day:

This is what we see when we got off the train…

Where’s the beach!?

It was a 20 minute car ride away. >.<

We didn’t make it to the beach – however, here’s the best view I got of it.

And the next day, it was ANZAC Day – the day I head back to Sydney.

Guess what was in our way?

Green means go, but the horses were as slow as… Zzzzzzz…

That was Brisbane for me in a nutshell. I would say it’d be nice if it wasn’t a public holiday. I prefer being in Sydney in all honesty, but Brisbane will be a nice place for a relaxing holiday. And since I’m heading to Gold Coast at the end of the year, I can guarantee more pictures!


I’ll be leaving for Brisbane in a couple of days!

Due to the lack of updates, I’ll be getting around to blogging about my time in Brisbane during Easter.

No doubt Brisbane has had some bad luck earlier this year with the terrible floods, but I’ve also heard some amazing things about Brisbane as well. The views and the way it’s structured is (apparently) better than the rest of the other major cities in Australia – or so my friend says. I would trust him though, because he’s lived in Brisbane for 10 years and although he’s moved to Sydney now, he still wants to return to Brisbane!

That’s a clear indication of how nice it is there, no? But then again, it’s all subjective. I’ll be back with pictures and whatnot for viewing pleasure since my blog has been dry and lifeless for weeks!

As I grow up, I realised a few things:

1. You can plan your life out like a map; your ducks in a row so to say. But things will change. Life will change. You will change. Circumstances will be different. And all that was planned will be shot to death. You can only have a goal and work (very hard) towards it.

2. You CAN do so much in one day – but that’s if you WANT to do it.

3. Sometimes, they ARE out to get you. So always watch your back.

4. You’d feel better being diplomatic than blowing your top off for all situations – something I should do more often.

5. Know your shit so you don’t get caught out and you could possibly catch a bullshitter in the act!

6. Always read the news. It helps build better conversations with people.

7. Listen to what others have to say and accept their opinions/thoughts even if you don’t full agree. Everyone; even YOU, have your own opinions on things. What makes yours right and others wrong? 

8. Don’t judge. We are humans and it is almost instinct to judge somebody from the get-go. However, we can always try not to. 🙂

So. That’s what I’ve learnt and am trying not to do as I grow older. What did YOU learn?

If he/she cheats on you when you’re not married yet, you have a choice to break it off. But if he/she cheats on you when you’re married – You should chop off his/her head and boil it for dinner. Kidding!  

Let’s get to the point. I’ve known friends who cheat, friends who are thinking of cheating, and friends who have been cheated on. No doubt, there’s no point sticking to someone who thinks you’re replaceable or expendable. But if you’re married, the choice you have to make to leave that person is so much harder.

Today, I had a sudden flashback; or rather a thought about people who lead double lives. 

No, I don’t mean spies. 

I mean people who marry a second wife/husband without divorcing the first wife/husband. Some people manage to keep it a secret. I don’t know how they pulled it off legally (for those who live in countries that don’t legalise polygamy). Others try to keep it a secret but their wives find out eventually, and remain with unfaithful husbands “because of the children”. I’m not too sure what men will do if they find out their wives are leading double lives, and I certainly hope they just leave and not murder someone!

Everyone has probably heard of this, but to experience it or see it happen is a different story.

I was going to a shopping  centre after school with a friend. Her dad was ferrying us around so we went back to her place after school to get ready. I was surprised that we didn’t venture out of the suburbs to the next town because she said that’s where she lives. I thought she had a second house so didn’t think much of it.

I met someone who I thought was her mother, but was surprised when my friend didn’t call her ‘Mum’. We proceeded to go upstairs to the  privacy of a room – my friend explained: her dad’s second mistress aka. second wife lives in the house we were in. My friend didn’t break down in tears when she told me. I’m guessing she has known for some time and knows better than to say anything to her own mother because she didn’t want to hurt her.

Being 15, I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t know what to say. It was a mindblown discovery that opened my eyes to the adult(erous) world. Back then, I didn’t know how to react but I knew it was a sensitive issue so I didn’t tell anyone at all. In some ways, I understood what was happening but I was deeply shocked. I was in an MTV/Channel V phase and having crushes on boys – this was the last thing I expected to experience so young in  life.

Having heard and seeing for myself that these things happened made me aware that just because two people are married, that doesn’t mean the relationship is a secure and stable one. In fact, it never is unless there are two last people on earth and none of those two people are into beastiality. Mind me, but let’s face the facts – we live in a crazy world. 

Moving on; the following year after that, a close friend of mine went through hell because her dad had left her mum, her, and her younger brother. With that said, it was depressing and she was constantly sad. They had to move out into a flat but luckily her mum owns a small business so they got by.

Seeing how it has affected her is really heart wrenching and I’m glad she pulled through. She told me she knew why he left – it was for another woman and he was running away from some other problems (I’d love to say loan sharks but I’d be exaggerating).

When she was about eight, her dad brought her out to “vist a friend”. She told me she saw a wedding photo of her dad, but her mum wasn’t in the picture – it was some other woman. The large framed wedding picture was hanging on the living room wall. This obviously confused her.

Her dad actually introduced her to the other woman. At the tender age of eight, I think it would scar her memories of a normal childhood. After that incident with my other friend a year ago, I was ready to face up to this and told my friend she can talk to me about if she wants to. Sometimes she would be depressed, other times she would be alright. Eventually she pulled through and went on with her life.

Looking back, I think it made me realise how hurtful all this can be. However, I’ve never been in their position before and am just an outsider looking in. The only question I have is why?

I came up with answers like:

  • They’re not happy.
  • They’re bored.
  • They want more in life.
  • Their wives are not giving them enough sexy time and are frigid.
  • They just want to do it for the thrill.
  • They want someone who can understand them on a different level.

What do you think?

After catching up with some news, I found that Borders filed for bankruptcy and Angus & Robertson are going into administration. I find this disturbing and devastating at the same time.

I love books. I love reading their contents and how the sentences of words make time fleet by. I love that I can turn the page and feel the crisp paper under my fingers as I immerse myself further in the story. How the sound of a silent page turning disrupts the quiet peace only for it to be silent again as I continue reading.

Books have always been an escape for me. No matter fiction or non-fiction; books are always educating me in some way. Some stories teach you morals, some stories teach you new words, others teach you more about the world.

Unfortunately, eBooks like the Kindle has replaced the traditional book. I don’t deny the fact that I’ve been victim to even the thought of having a Kindle – buying a “book” for only six dollars! That’s better than spending over $20!

The afterthought was this – I would feel constantly deprived of the look and feel of a book. Just the thought of having a shelf holding them for my reference anytime I need to, and no system glitches made me hold back.

Technology will continue to flourish, but books will be what they are. Having them is like having something permanent that will never be destroyed (unless the place you live in has tornadoes and cyclones all the time).

Additionally, online stores are getting most of the businesses since the Australian dollar was on par with the US dollar. This also explains why people are getting more and more stuff online. After some thought I realised I bought my last book from a book store. I’m proud of myself! =D

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